Where was I?

So anyway, my big honking exam took place this morning.  I have no idea how I did.  I’ll find out in May.  Yep, May. It’s a little frightening how three and a half years of various classes and conferences and three solid weeks of relentless studying get distilled down into just about three hours. Those … More Where was I?

Facebook friends, I am probably going to piss you off ~ 2016 Edition

Things have changed since I wrote a similar post about 5 years ago.  Now instead of just trying to be “up-front”, I get to be “blunt”. 🙂 I’ve gotten both choosier and looser about who I connect with on Facebook.  I know–that makes little sense.  I’ll explain. Choosier – I’ve gotten more discriminant about who … More Facebook friends, I am probably going to piss you off ~ 2016 Edition

The other shoe falls

Death and I are reaching familiar terms.  (We have not, however, reached any kind of understanding.) Eventually, I’ll be at a social function and catch a glimpse of the black robed figure with a scythe, hanging out in the back corner, waiting. And I’ll totally walk up and blow his cover.  “Yo, Death, who’d you … More The other shoe falls

Being still…

After reading this well-written and eye-opening post about social media addiction and why the constant feeding of our personalities and lives into a 2-dimensional, 140-character-limited soundbitten meme may not be the best thing for our mind-body, our authentic inter-connectivity with the real live people in our lives, or indeed our very lives themselves, it got … More Being still…