Cats see ghosts

I don’t know why, but I feel like writing about ghosts again today.  (This will probably be the last post along these lines for a while!) ūüėČ This one is far more benevolent than the last one.  ūüôā — I had met my partner’s grandfather, “Granddad”, in 2001, along the escape route from my northern … More Cats see ghosts

Always grieving <3

For the past few years, it seems like I have been in a low-level, almost stealthy state of grief. Sometimes it’s for loved ones, both the 2-legged and 4-legged varieties, who have passed on. ¬†And there are plenty of those. ¬†I’m always amazed when I hear that someone well into adulthood, usually in their 30s … More Always grieving ‚̧


Thanksgiving Day in the US (and Canada, for that matter) is a long way off. ¬†But I’m thankful anyway. ¬†Who says there has to be a designated day for giving thanks? I am thankful for so many of the Little Things that actually become Big Things in a real hurry if you lose the ability … More Gratitude¬†

Life’s bitter here

I am again walking on eggshells.¬† From what my counselor said–and didn’t say–to me today, I get the fairly distinct feeling that my father wants to have a Conversation with me.¬† As usual, there is some Unfinished Business. Also as usual, I want to know what it is.¬† Not in a Universe-taunting “what next?¬† Ha-ha” … More Life’s bitter here

Callin’ Baton Rouge

I’m Cajun.¬† Well, a quarter Cajun, though I’d like to think it’s a dominant gene. However, I did not grow up in Cajun Country and in fact, it’s been a remarkably long time since I’ve been there.¬† My mother’s side of the family is all still there (the elder ones, anyway; like anywhere else, the … More Callin’ Baton Rouge