I keep meaning to send out a Christmas newsletter…

Really, I do.  But as pure and passioned as my intentions are, it never does happen.  I don’t think I’ve sent out Christmas cards–much less a newsletter–out since 2002.  And the other nail in the coffin is that I probably couldn’t; after all, I’m connected with most people via Facebook or email and I just … More I keep meaning to send out a Christmas newsletter…

It’s the most blunder-full time of the year :)

This Christmas Thingy?  Yeah, it isn’t quite as easy as it looks.  At least, not in my dimension.  It’s fun (!), it’s just also chock-full of potholes. First there’s the whole gift-giving thing, and the etiquette that goes along with it.  The pressure of matching the caliber of gifts, without knowing what people are going … More It’s the most blunder-full time of the year 🙂

Reflections on my 30s: my decade in review

I rang in my 30s–or should I say I sang in my 30s–at a north Dallas-area mall in an “up and coming” suburb, by belting out contemporary Disney tunes–specifically “Arabian Nights”, high on a dark chocolate shake and full of good mood food from The Cheesecake Factory, after which I loudly proclaimed that my 30s … More Reflections on my 30s: my decade in review

Cats see ghosts

I don’t know why, but I feel like writing about ghosts again today.  (This will probably be the last post along these lines for a while!)  😉 This one is far more benevolent than the last one.  🙂 — I had met my partner’s grandfather, “Granddad”, in 2001, along the escape route from my northern … More Cats see ghosts

Waking the ghost 

The San Antonio Mission Trail is one of those no-brainer must-dos on every Texan’s Bucket List.  The Alamo is just the head of an entire trail that includes 4 other Missions. I didn’t end up embarking on such a trail until I had long since reached adulthood.  We got our start a little too late … More Waking the ghost 

Always grieving <3

For the past few years, it seems like I have been in a low-level, almost stealthy state of grief. Sometimes it’s for loved ones, both the 2-legged and 4-legged varieties, who have passed on.  And there are plenty of those.  I’m always amazed when I hear that someone well into adulthood, usually in their 30s … More Always grieving ❤