Who remembers?

Usually I can’t remember what I had for breakfast yesterday.  Oh, alright, you got me; I always remember what I ate the morning before, because it’s always the same: bacon.  OK, so I cheated there.  Made for a good opening cliché though, right? Heh.  😉 Alrighty then, let’s try another… I might not remember what … More Who remembers?

Maybe the 21st century *doesn’t* suck…

I’m one of those hopeless nostalgics, the ones who lament about the fading away of the “good old days” and desperately, futilely tried to bring them back or recreate them somehow. Bah!  Humbug. 😉 I think I’m finally beginning to embrace the newest Turn of the Century.  In fact, I’m almost beginning to feel comfortable … More Maybe the 21st century *doesn’t* suck…

Stratification ~ The other side of the prologue 

In writing my last post, I realized that there’s another side to this whole societal stratification thing: I inadvertently left out the ones who usually get left out of the conversation. Oops.  My bad.  Didn’t mean to do that. The oversight is especially surprising because this latter group is the one of which I’m a … More Stratification ~ The other side of the prologue 

iPhone hygiene: how I make (and keep) my phone tolerable 

It’s been almost nine months since that fateful September day when I had finally had it up to here (points to the chin or the eyebrows, or somewhere in between) with my iPhone 5. Its agonizing decline was so gradual and, well, agonizing that I felt compelled to write about it at the time, since … More iPhone hygiene: how I make (and keep) my phone tolerable