Morgellons Disease ~ a real-life X-file

She walked into the clinic one day, with two folders tucked under her arm. She pulled one out. ¬†“This is my official medical file.” Official…? It contained our standard New Patient intake questionnaires, filled out completely, although vague in some places, and some prior laboratory tests from a couple different doctors, both conventional and specialty. … More Morgellons Disease ~ a real-life X-file

Patriot (head)games

Hi and welcome to the 2017 edition of the United States’ Independence Day! First, I must congratulate all of the awesome fellow bloggers who are using the correct term in their Independence Day-themed posts! ¬†Independence Day in the US is not “the 4th of July” any more than Christmas Day is “the 25th of December” … More Patriot (head)games

Stratification ~ The other side of the prologue 

In writing my last post, I realized that there’s another side to this whole societal stratification thing: I inadvertently left out the ones who usually get left out of the conversation. Oops. ¬†My bad. ¬†Didn’t mean to do that. The oversight is especially surprising because this latter group is the one of which I’m a … More Stratification ~ The other side of the prologue¬†


(Quick preface note: when I speak of rich vs poor, I’m not trying to drive a wedge between statuses–I.e., class warfare–nor do I take a judgmental view toward the poor of any kind, period. ¬†We ourselves have been living month to month for the past seven years, so I can honestly say: I get it, … More Stratification

Everything we’ve heard about nicotine is wrong

Evidence is mounting that nicotine might be the next “smart drug”. Yep, that’s right. Except that you won’t hear that – ever – touted in the US. Why not? I’m not sure–at least, I don’t have anything I can prove. ¬†But I have my theories. ¬†But I’ll get to those later. ¬†Let’s start dispelling myths. … More Everything we’ve heard about nicotine is wrong

No health insurance? So what happens if you *don’t* pay the tax / fine?

Let’s say you’re in the same boat as my partner and me. ¬†We live in the US. ¬†We have no health insurance. ¬†We couldn’t afford health insurance. ¬†Affordable group plans are not available to us (we’re self-employed). ¬†We couldn’t afford (and frankly, don’t need or want) the lowest-tier “bronze”-level insurance plan. ¬†We don’t qualify for … More No health insurance? So what happens if you *don’t* pay the tax / fine?