Playlist: My top picks from ‘Breaking Bad’

“Breaking Bad” was arguably one of the best shows to ever grace the TV cablewaves.  I can’t find a single fault with it, other than the fact that it came to an end.  Every detail was meticulously attended to.  Everyone involved took their jobs seriously and performed above and beyond.  School teachers would file this … More Playlist: My top picks from ‘Breaking Bad’

Miscellaneous thought soup ~ 8-11-2017

It’s a beautiful evening.  The sun has dipped down behind the trees, relieving our part of the earth’s surface (and its inhabitants) of its scorching rays, even if the temperature remains at an unnatural height.  I’m sitting on the deck overlooking the grassy wooded courtyard of our apartment complex, swatting away the incessant mosquitos, which … More Miscellaneous thought soup ~ 8-11-2017

Maybe the 21st century *doesn’t* suck…

I’m one of those hopeless nostalgics, the ones who lament about the fading away of the “good old days” and desperately, futilely tried to bring them back or recreate them somehow. Bah!  Humbug. 😉 I think I’m finally beginning to embrace the newest Turn of the Century.  In fact, I’m almost beginning to feel comfortable … More Maybe the 21st century *doesn’t* suck…

My ‘Atlas Shrugged’ movie soundtrack ~ a (my) proposal

Once upon a time, there was this indecisive music nerd who wanted nothing more than to engineer the soundtracks for movies.  This could consist of writing my own original score, or selecting existing songs. A couple years ago, I read Ayn Rand‘s “Atlas Shrugged“, which didn’t become a pretty-much-classic for no reason; it’s a wordy-but-incredibly-decent … More My ‘Atlas Shrugged’ movie soundtrack ~ a (my) proposal

Playlist: Southwest songs for I-10 west of San Antonio

It’s been a few minutes since I’ve posted a playlist, and I’m up (yet again) at the buttcrack of dark attempting to will my granulocytes (a subtype of white blood cell responsible for histamine release) to take all their little granular mess they’ve dumped all over and stuff it back into themselves.  So, I think … More Playlist: Southwest songs for I-10 west of San Antonio