All in all it’s just another post on my wall

Facebook is one of those things (sorry Prof Howard) that I love to hate.  I pick it apart and douse it with flames, but at the same time, I can’t pry myself from it.  It’s not a compulsive addiction, nor is it a morbid curiosity like a bad traffic accident.  It’s a combination of longing, semi-stalking … More All in all it’s just another post on my wall

The peanut gallery

I think I’m going to hell.  Let’s hope it doesn’t exist after all, because if it does, I might find myself in trouble. See, my partner is watching our local PBS affiliate.  He likes the show where this tour guide guru finds neat tourist-free towns off the beaten path and talks about them (thus ending … More The peanut gallery

Winds of change

T’is the season!  The wicked witch of South Texas finally broke her summer fever (the oppressive stage of which really only lasts the month of August).  Now, we can give the A/C a break and open the windows, at least until the groundskeeper with the incessant, annoying leafblower comes through. I didn’t always like fall.  … More Winds of change