The “Swoopers”

You may know the type… You’ve posted something on Facebook or Twitter (or insert your social media of choice here), or perhaps your blog. You shared it because you had read it and thought it was cool.  Or you wrote it because you felt like it had to be said. You were doing what you … More The “Swoopers”

Life’s bitter here

I am again walking on eggshells.  From what my counselor said–and didn’t say–to me today, I get the fairly distinct feeling that my father wants to have a Conversation with me.  As usual, there is some Unfinished Business. Also as usual, I want to know what it is.  Not in a Universe-taunting “what next?  Ha-ha” … More Life’s bitter here

In defense of labels

I’m keenly aware that these days, there is a resistance to–and rejection of–the idea of labels as applied to one’s personal characteristics.  (I’m also just as keenly aware that many of those who eschew labels have prided themselves on going against the grain–almost contrarian–and are secretly, subconsciously, freaked out that other people might share their … More In defense of labels

Neverending story

I posted this pic on my Facebook page recently, only to have people who rarely comment come out of the woodwork with words of encouragement, such as “classic!”, “I love it!” and “my sentiments exactly.” Obviously, it struck a cord.  I was in good company.  This picture speaks to many of us, and we all … More Neverending story