Whole-grain sidereal

I’ve been a busy little bee in a busy little hive.  Our kittens are 3 days shy of 5 months old, growing like weeds, but somehow they’ve preserved every ounce of cuteness they had as tiny kittens during this growth. I’m back in school for the summer, after being on a short break between terms … More Whole-grain sidereal

Websites that rule ~ Part 10 [the mostly science-y edition]

It hasn’t exactly been a long time since I’ve written a post of this type, but the links started piling up pretty quickly, so I figured I’d better write the next “installment”.  This particular “edition” took on a markedly scientific theme, but don’t worry – although somewhat monotonous (science, brain, science, brain, health, science, etc), … More Websites that rule ~ Part 10 [the mostly science-y edition]

A few blogs that rule

The internet is an enchanting place.  Double ditto for the Kingdom of Blogging.  I mean, there’s pixiedust in that shit.  I’ve been known to forget to go to work while entranced in my WordPress Reader thingy, which eerily resembles a Facebook newsfeed, but it’s forgivable because it aggregates the posts of every blog you follow … More A few blogs that rule

Playlist: My top picks from ‘Breaking Bad’

“Breaking Bad” was arguably one of the best shows to ever grace the TV cablewaves.  I can’t find a single fault with it, other than the fact that it came to an end.  Every detail was meticulously attended to.  Everyone involved took their jobs seriously and performed above and beyond.  School teachers would file this … More Playlist: My top picks from ‘Breaking Bad’

Dr Phil is kinda cool (don’t walk away yet) ;)

Confession time! I watch Dr Phil. There.  I said it. And I’m not ashamed. He’s not that bad! I know what most of you are thinking: “OMG.” I know.  I thought so, too.  I thought, ugh, daytime TV.  Talk about lowest common denominator and all that!  Never.  Ever.  Just–no. I assumed that it was for … More Dr Phil is kinda cool (don’t walk away yet) 😉

My go-to ‘survival kit’ of herbal remedies ~ Part 2 of 2 :)

This is a continuation of the previous post, which was simply too cool to be limited to one post.  😉 The previous disclaimers still apply – educational/entertainment purposes only, not intended as medical advice, consult with your licensed healthcare provider, yada yada. So, without further babbling, here’s Part 2. 🙂 Holy Basil (aka Tulsi) – … More My go-to ‘survival kit’ of herbal remedies ~ Part 2 of 2 🙂