No health insurance? So what happens if you *don’t* pay the tax / fine?

Let’s say you’re in the same boat as my partner and me. ¬†We live in the US. ¬†We have no health insurance. ¬†We couldn’t afford health insurance. ¬†Affordable group plans are not available to us (we’re self-employed). ¬†We couldn’t afford (and frankly, don’t need or want) the lowest-tier “bronze”-level insurance plan. ¬†We don’t qualify for … More No health insurance? So what happens if you *don’t* pay the tax / fine?

(Belated) reflections on the year 2015: last year in review

Since Mercury is retrograde and all that, I’m playing catch-up, and I’m painfully aware that is there a lot of catch-up to play. This post is fashionably embarrassingly late, but hey–better late than never, and stuff. Last year was kind of a continuation of 2014, in some ways.¬† And in other ways, it wasn’t. I … More (Belated) reflections on the year 2015: last year in review

Queen for a day

Recently, on a large social networking site, friend posted the question, “what would you do if you were President?” As usual, a laundry list poured forth into my mind.¬† Here’s by no means a complete list… #1 – Truth In Advertising First and foremost, let’s agree to say what we mean, mean what we say, … More Queen for a day

O’Bummer, Jobs, Healthcare, and You

It’s official: the US Chamber of Commerce issued a warning that small businesses are capping (stopping) their hiring before they get to 50 employees. Why, you ask? Because if their payroll reaches 50 employees, the company suddenly faces a $3,000 penalty per year, per employee if they don’t provide insurance coverage (the cost of which, … More O’Bummer, Jobs, Healthcare, and You

Take it back

Of late, two opposing groups have come to light.¬† The first camp includes those who are stamping their feet and pitching a fit about taking their country back.¬† The second camp scoffs, scorns, and laughs at the first, wondering who they want to take their country back from. I fit into the first group. I, … More Take it back