So we’re trying to build this website.  Well, actually it’s already built; we’re just writing the text for it. And I hit a stumbling block … a big one.  Like, identity crisis-grade.  Again.  And here I was sitting, pondering my existence/place in healthcare and the role I’m supposed to play. I went down the hall … More Bananaheadspace

Just saying "no"

Ever feel like you’ve been hit with a barrage of, I don’t know, fill-in-the-blank?  Like suddenly everyone wants something from you and it’s too much to handle at once?  Enough to make you recoil and push back and say “go away”? Well, I’ve felt that way lately; certain things have started to grate on me … More Just saying "no"

Take it back

Of late, two opposing groups have come to light.  The first camp includes those who are stamping their feet and pitching a fit about taking their country back.  The second camp scoffs, scorns, and laughs at the first, wondering who they want to take their country back from. I fit into the first group. I, … More Take it back

A year (and a day) in the life of a wheat germaphobe

Welp, I made it (not that I have a choice…well, actually you always have a choice, but it the alternatives might not be conducive to prolonged life).  Dinner at the 100%-gluten-free Little Aussie Cafe & Bakery was the understandable highlight of the fanfare surrounding this particular little event. The journey thus far has not been … More A year (and a day) in the life of a wheat germaphobe

Who loves sicky?

I never saw it coming.  One minute I was fine; the next minute I was nauseated, and the minute after that I was shooting baskets in the restroom at work. My first thought was the turkey bacon, but my husband and I had shared it and he was fine, back in his office, happily treating … More Who loves sicky?