Putting the ‘end’ back in ‘unfriend’

I somehow feel compelled to drop what I’m doing at the office and vent. A friend un-friended me on Facebook today.  And this wasn’t just a “Facebook friend” either, where the word “friend” can be applied a little more loosely; this was an actual personal friend.  We even share other mutual friends. My rant begins … More Putting the ‘end’ back in ‘unfriend’

Silver lining

Suddenly tonight, I started sneezing my ass off (again – hopefully the Benadryl and its sleep-inducing brain fog will kick in).  I’m starting to trace these allergy attacks back to 2 things: wind and chemtrail spraying.  (For those of you who don’t “believe in” the latter, get a clue.  I know the people who usually … More Silver lining

Working on it

So anyway, I’m at the office.  Just me, alone with the Halloween decorations.  Yep, blogging on the clock.  See, my partner is at an all-day conference, and everybody knows I only get a respectable amount of work done when he’s around. Oh, there’s plenty to do.  Even aside from battling monsters on Facebook’s Castle Age … More Working on it

Out of touch

We don’t get out much. This means that after 8 months of living here, we still have no idea what the local TV or radio stations are.  I’m only slightly more familiar with local radio stations, but that’s out of necessity.  Actually the radio stations here aren’t half bad.  There’s a glaring lack of alternative … More Out of touch

The case against Naturopathy (in non-licensed states)

Before I launch into this, I need to make a few things clear. First, I’m not one of the lunatics that runs Quackwatch, coming out against everything non-pharmaceutical, claiming anything but drugs or surgery to be a scam (if anything, drugs and surgery are also a scam of sorts in their own ways; they do … More The case against Naturopathy (in non-licensed states)