The joys of moving

OK, so I have nothing better to do right now than blog.  For that, I’m shocked, because today is a jam-packed hang-on-tight kind of day.  But right now, there’s a lull in my personal sphere of action.  It’s kind of like being in the eye of the hurricane. It seems like last month that we … More The joys of moving

Two worlds collide

Whenever I’m/we’re about to do something fairly hare-brained and crazy (which is often enough that we have indeed established a method), we weigh the pros and cons.  Doing so before actually making a final decision is optional. This time, the decision on the table was not whether or not we were going to move to … More Two worlds collide

Playlist: Songs for Houston & I-10 Across South Texas

The stretch of I-10 between San Antonio and Houston is a long one.  There aren’t nearly as many towns as one might expect along an interstate that major and between two such prominent cities.  And in fact, the interstate itself is rather desolate – divided 4-lane all the way, and it might as well be … More Playlist: Songs for Houston & I-10 Across South Texas