The *Epic Fail* of pharmaceutical advertising on TV

Over the years, I’ve noticed some fairly egregious logical fallacies, half-truths, outright borderline-deception, and other ridiculousness in the arena of pharmaceutical drugs advertised on TV (“Direct-to-Consumer” advertising, or “DTC”).  The slipperiness and spin are atrocious.  I thought I’d point out a few examples.  The rhetorical retorts that follow the bolded phrases are almost exclusively the … More The *Epic Fail* of pharmaceutical advertising on TV

Badvertising Part II

In this blog’s (much) younger days (as in, 7 years ago), I wrote about ridiculous advertising practices.  In that post, I mused about how ironic it was that I was writing a post slamming various advertising tactics when we had just gotten finished approving the final draft of our own very first advertising campaign. And … More Badvertising Part II

Never buy anything advertised on television 

If I could identify one “Rule” To Live By, this would be it.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s the one “hold-back” Robert Fulghum left out of his literary classic, “Everything I Needed To Know, I Learned In Kindergarten”.  And it should be known that every accomplished master never reveals all; they usually keep a … More Never buy anything advertised on television