Echoes with the sound of salesmen

Ahh, this is the life.  Sipping on naturally-flavored electrolyte-balancing water from H-E-B (not pronounced “heeb”), cooking my thighs with wi-fi internet radiation going to my laptop, watching our schedules take rocky-but-steadily-increasing shape, and strategizing about how to prevent Type A salesdouchebags from attempting to command control of your time and attention. My first thought when … More Echoes with the sound of salesmen


You know, it’s truly ironic that I’m about to rant about advertising (that’s your warning of an upcoming rant, by the way), because as we speak, an editor of a Holistic Networker type of magazine (although, sans clairvoyants, palm readers, and tarot practitioners, ya know?) is tweaking the totally-cool design of our first ad, to … More Badvertising

Today was brought to you by the letters I, g, & E

Good God(dess).  I don’t think I’ve ever been so unproductive in my life. You see, the sneezing started up yesterday afternoon but remained at a dull roar until this morning.  It started out bearable enough, but I could see things escalating downhill (woo-hoo!  Still capable of oxymorons) from there (all of my little IgE warriors … More Today was brought to you by the letters I, g, & E

Ode to my family

In about 20 minutes, the 1-year anniversary of my awareness of my parents’ horrific accident will come to pass.  Little did I know at the time that it had actually happened roughly 12-13 hours prior and that they would wait that long to go into emergency surgery, thus costing Mom her kidney.  (And y’all thought … More Ode to my family