Who remembers?

Usually I can’t remember what I had for breakfast yesterday.  Oh, alright, you got me; I always remember what I ate the morning before, because it’s always the same: bacon.  OK, so I cheated there.  Made for a good opening clich√© though, right? Heh.  ūüėČ Alrighty then, let’s try another… I might not remember what … More Who remembers?

The *Epic Fail* of pharmaceutical advertising on TV

Over the years, I’ve noticed some fairly egregious logical fallacies, half-truths, outright borderline-deception, and other ridiculousness in the arena of pharmaceutical drugs advertised on TV (“Direct-to-Consumer” advertising, or “DTC”).¬† The slipperiness and spin are atrocious.¬† I thought I’d point out a few examples.¬† The rhetorical retorts that follow the bolded phrases are almost exclusively the … More The *Epic Fail* of pharmaceutical advertising on TV