Thanksgiving Day in the US (and Canada, for that matter) is a long way off.  But I’m thankful anyway.  Who says there has to be a designated day for giving thanks? I am thankful for so many of the Little Things that actually become Big Things in a real hurry if you lose the ability … More Gratitude 


I probably should have written this in the years 2014 or 2015, because after all, that’s how I spent the former (I did allude to it, in this post about my year 2014 in review, though).  To give myself a little credit, I did indeed make a reference to it in 2014’s year-end post, but … More Shedding 

Brains are overrated 

Well, it’s true, or at least it seems to be.  😉 Hell, I got through the majority of this week without mine. Yeah, that was one little spike-strip (the thingies cops use to disable the speeding cars of thugs during car chases/pursuits) snags that hit me out of the blue, completely unexpected, lawyer-fine-print-style.  “By the … More Brains are overrated