Partying before finals

Sneak-a-peek-a-boo!  It’s a typical Thursday evening in the Kitty household.  I just got as done studying for tomorrow’s final exam as I’m going to be, the primary rate-limiting factor being the second night of behind-the-eyes headache in a row.  But I’m totally cheering over the fact that my brain actually. Kept. Going. Until about 15 … More Partying before finals

‘Who says we don’t have variety in the living room?’

There’s a bit of background to this.  In my truck, I never listen to the radio.  Instead, I picked up an old-school iPod Classic with 120 GB of storage capacity (they’d prefer we forget those good old days) and connected it to a multimedia-ready aftermarket stereo.  I learned that if you load up about 5200 … More ‘Who says we don’t have variety in the living room?’

Whiskers, Tango, Foxtrot?? (Or, how to combine cats)

I know the scenario all-too-well…  You have a cat (or more than one).  You want to adopt another one (or more) additional cats.  (Hell, the Crazy Cat Lady stereotype didn’t emerge from nowhere, right?) Here’s the deal… If you’ve never brought unfamiliar cats into a household with existing cats before, you might be in for … More Whiskers, Tango, Foxtrot?? (Or, how to combine cats)

‘Other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?’

(Content Advisory: this describes the acute downturn, the final hour, and peaceful passing of our elderly kitty in my arms; ultimately, no euthanasia) [Monday 26 March 2018, taken from a personal journal entry] Had I begun this entry earlier in the day, I would have talked about how for every yang there is a yin … More ‘Other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?’

Who rescued whom?

(Content Advisory, involving stray kitties that were originally abandoned but never harmed/injured, and ultimately rescued.  This story starts out a little sad, but has an incredibly happy ending!) ❤ Five years ago, around this time of year… The little black and white cat lay stretched out on the pavement outside the door of the Visitor … More Who rescued whom?

Here we go again…

We’ve lived at our current apartment complex for what will soon be 5 and a half years.  It’s a middle-of-the-road kind of place, the kind of place that older upper-middle-class people would choose to move to when they got tired of doing their own lawn work and other maintenance.  There are also a few graduate … More Here we go again…