The other shoe falls

Death and I are reaching familiar terms.  (We have not, however, reached any kind of understanding.) Eventually, I’ll be at a social function and catch a glimpse of the black robed figure with a scythe, hanging out in the back corner, waiting. And I’ll totally walk up and blow his cover.  “Yo, Death, who’d you … More The other shoe falls

In defense of labels

I’m keenly aware that these days, there is a resistance to–and rejection of–the idea of labels as applied to one’s personal characteristics.  (I’m also just as keenly aware that many of those who eschew labels have prided themselves on going against the grain–almost contrarian–and are secretly, subconsciously, freaked out that other people might share their … More In defense of labels

User Info for my P2Peeps: January 2014 edition

Hi!  Chances are, you’ve surfed on into this page after viewing my user info on [Insert name of P2P filesharing program with the distinct Avian Logo here].  If that’s the case, welcome, and thanks for reading this.  (If you’ve checked out this post as a result of following my blog and clicking on the notification, … More User Info for my P2Peeps: January 2014 edition

Playlist: 2013

I’ve been looking forward to writing this post since, oh, about April, and let’s just say that it only got better from there.  This year’s musical representation reflected the richness and the extremes of my experience(s) of the year in general.  This year also covered nearly every genre, although not all will be represented in … More Playlist: 2013