Material witness 

“Wow, the lines on the road are really tough to see,” my partner remarked, just after we had pulled out onto the street on our way home from the office. The sun was that bright, shining down from almost directly overhead. And the dotted lines demarcating the lanes were that old, probably not having been … More Material witness 

These days were brought to you by the letters P, T, S, and D

I meant to write about this before, but, well, there have been limitations keeping me from blogging lately.  One is Pubmed and its treasure trove of fascinations.  The other is the fact that although I can get to the New Post screen from my outdated-and-stubbornly-update-refused Safari browser, I can’t actually type in the text box … More These days were brought to you by the letters P, T, S, and D

Life’s bitter here

I am again walking on eggshells.  From what my counselor said–and didn’t say–to me today, I get the fairly distinct feeling that my father wants to have a Conversation with me.  As usual, there is some Unfinished Business. Also as usual, I want to know what it is.  Not in a Universe-taunting “what next?  Ha-ha” … More Life’s bitter here

Everything(one) I touch … turns to stone

I’m getting the nagging feeling that I’m jinxed.  The Universe is sending some pretty strong hints in that direction, anyway.  I feel like I’m in the eye of the hurricane, myself relatively unaffected, watching the chaos and tragedy swirl around me with dizzying force. Thinking back, I reckon that it actually started with my “second … More Everything(one) I touch … turns to stone