Tales from the (brain) crypt ~ shadows and apparitions

By “brain crypt”, I’m not implying that I’m brain dead, although maybe after the antihistamine kicks in, I might have to revise that statement.  😉 Kidding. Rather, I’m co-opting the anatomical definition of the word “crypt” for my own use… “a small tubular gland, pit, or recess” Thank you, Google.  You may not have a … More Tales from the (brain) crypt ~ shadows and apparitions

6-Month Milemarker

Yep, 6 months–and 6 days, too, but meh.  I say “meh” a lot, I’ve noticed, which might be a positive sign?  A sign that I’ve stopped giving much more of a shit than I should?  Heh. So, here we are, at the 6-month mark on my road.  All roads to hell are paved with good … More 6-Month Milemarker