Tales from the (brain) crypt ~ shadows and apparitions

By “brain crypt”, I’m not implying that I’m brain dead, although maybe after the antihistamine kicks in, I might have to revise that statement.  ūüėČ Kidding. Rather, I’m co-opting the anatomical definition of the word “crypt” for my own use… “a small tubular gland, pit, or recess” Thank you, Google.  You may not have a … More Tales from the (brain) crypt ~ shadows and apparitions

6-Month Milemarker

Yep, 6 months–and 6 days, too, but meh. ¬†I say “meh” a lot, I’ve noticed, which might be a positive sign? ¬†A sign that I’ve stopped giving much more of a shit than I should? ¬†Heh. So, here we are, at the 6-month mark on my road. ¬†All roads to hell are paved with good … More 6-Month Milemarker

Lessons I’ve learned about disability¬†

“P” was the first person I’d ever known who was completely blind. ¬†We worked together as licensed massage therapists at–you guessed it–a local massage therapy school. ¬†He was friendly to everyone, and they were civil to him in turn, but he had specific needs that the rest of us didn’t have, and I think they … More Lessons I’ve learned about disability¬†

Who rescued whom?

(Content Advisory, involving stray kitties that were originally abandoned but never harmed/injured, and ultimately rescued.  This story starts out a little sad, but has an incredibly happy ending!) ‚̧ Five years ago, around this time of year… The little black and white cat lay stretched out on the pavement outside the door of the Visitor … More Who rescued whom?

Reflections on my 30s: my decade in review

I rang in my 30s–or should I say I sang in my 30s–at a north Dallas-area mall in an “up and coming” suburb, by belting out contemporary Disney tunes–specifically “Arabian Nights”, high on a dark chocolate shake and full of good mood food from The Cheesecake Factory, after which I loudly proclaimed that my 30s … More Reflections on my 30s: my decade in review