Politically independent thoughts on climate change

Actually, it’s not political at all.  It’s weather, for chrissake.  Weather and climate do not carry membership cards of a political party.  😉 But, somewhere along the line, it was made into a political issue.  The right converted from an anti-slavery party (yes, it’s true) to a pro-business party, costs be damned as long as … More Politically independent thoughts on climate change

Notes from the Taiga

I was going to say “notes from Lake Wobegon”, but in light of recent events surrounding Garrison Keillor… I decided not to. Besides, “taiga” fits. Local weather people hooted and hollered about “warm-ups” to -6 degrees and “heat waves” of anything above zero. Don’t get too excited yet–windchills are still well into the negative numbers, … More Notes from the Taiga