Hole Foods

…That is, unless you’re guilty of something and have a confession to make.  There are some holes in the Whole Foods Market facade, after all. First of all, I’m not going to debate whether or not organic is better or worth a higher price.  (It is, for the very simple fact that farming mega-corporations have … More Hole Foods

Damn the man

Today is my five-year anniversary of working for myself.  After getting fired (see the previous post), I took a 1-year-and-3-day sabbatical from the wage-earning world to go to massage therapy school and generally re-organize my life.  Well, unless you count a seasonal-turned-half-assed part-time position at Williams Sonoma.  (Which I don’t.  A 5-hour shift every three … More Damn the man


Come on, y’all, get your hands in the air.  I’m calling on all my brothers and sisters to celebrate with me, to celebrate the greatest gift of all: freedom!  It’s been six years and still to this day I celebrate it like was a second birthday.  You see, I wasn’t exactly a slave, but sometimes … More Septeenth

Jagged little pill

Come, my pretties. I must tell you a secret. Several secrets, come to think of it. Yeah, I know what you were told.  I know how they wined and dined you; I know how they put on a good face.  I know how they puffed up their feathers and said, “look how goddamn hot we … More Jagged little pill