what girls want

Can we please, just once, have a holiday that has not been completely hijacked by the marketing vampires, turned inside out and into a hollowed-out skeleton of its true meaning? Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally on-board with the idea of a day of love.  It’s especially useful to remind those challenged in the area … More what girls want

p2p part deux – fyi

For the record, I will reiterate, yet once again, that I am not a Nazi.  I feel like one of the few scattered sane voices in Rocky Mountain-like isolation, hollering out into the cyberdin.  At least, that’s what some of these FYI items feel like to me (although that doesn’t stop me from posting them … More p2p part deux – fyi

she’s a yo-yo

Simply put, it looks like I have bipolar disorder.  While the discovery is a relatively recent event, it only makes sense after an 18-year history of questions and loose ends that occasionally bobbed to the surface for a fleeting moment before quickly re-submerging.  It’s not just that there were long periods of time that I … More she’s a yo-yo