Fast lane

Somehow, somewhere along the line, time moved into the fast lane.  It sped up.  I dropped unwittingly into a time warp.  In fact, anyone who spends a lot of time in my physical presence noticed it, too.  That’s how I know I’m not just being a metaphysical hypochondriac. 😉 Maybe time didn’t think I would … More Fast lane


I probably should have written this in the years 2014 or 2015, because after all, that’s how I spent the former (I did allude to it, in this post about my year 2014 in review, though).  To give myself a little credit, I did indeed make a reference to it in 2014’s year-end post, but … More Shedding 

Circle of life

December 5th has been an interesting day for a long time.  For my first 11 years, it was another day–nothing more, nothing less. Suddenly, it became an anniversary of up-shaking, unsettling, gut-wrenching tragedy as one of the most beloved people in my life thus far (my maternal grandfather) passed on without warning. And then it … More Circle of life