Ugh…  It’s the last day before Thanksgiving.  Everyone at school has a temporary short-timer’s disease.  Half the professors aren’t even holding class today.  The entire campus will completely shut down at noon.  We tried to think of every justification not to come to class today, but we kept having to reluctantly remind each other of … More Thanks-For-Giving

Freeing the Demons

I went for my first NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique) session today.  I don’t exactly understand it, but my instinct is telling me that it’s the missing link (or at least a really big part of it) to resolving some of my health issues.  I don’t know much about it, but I do know that it’s proven … More Freeing the Demons

Pet Peeves (A Rant)

Ever wait for someone?  Five minutes go by and you think of something you could plausibly accomplish at the moment, and you decide to do it (it’ll only take a minute) and just as you make the first move, the person you were waiting for emerges? This happens to me often enough that I thought … More Pet Peeves (A Rant)

Take Your Life Back!

Top 10 ways to de-stress and become yourself again… 1. Mute the commercials.  Ever notice how commercials can often be annoying or irritating?  Ever notice how noisy and intrusive they are?  You’re not just imagining things.  Whether it’s radio or TV, advertising by definition is designed to get your attention.  Whether we realize it or … More Take Your Life Back!

Massage 101

Since I am a massage therapist (hear me roar…) and there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding this profession, I thought it’d be good to write a post (or several, depending on how many different directions this goes in) about what it is I do for a living. What massage seems like on the outside: … More Massage 101

Bio…sort of

OK, about me in 100 words or less: I grew up split between 2 diametrically opposed lives: 1.) a normal kid, living in a quiet mid-American suburb, attending regular school, and 2.) an honest-to-God, run-away-and-join-the-circus carnie. Yep, that’s right.  I traveled throughout Canada, so although I was born and raised mostly in the good ol’ … More Bio…sort of