Websites that rule ~ Part 10 [the mostly science-y edition]

It hasn’t exactly been a long time since I’ve written a post of this type, but the links started piling up pretty quickly, so I figured I’d better write the next “installment”.  This particular “edition” took on a markedly scientific theme, but don’t worry – although somewhat monotonous (science, brain, science, brain, health, science, etc), … More Websites that rule ~ Part 10 [the mostly science-y edition]

Fresh (Word)pressing

Today (and yesterday), I was impressively productive–so much so that I took the luxury of some Me Time tonight.  With my partner firmly entrenched in a new episode of “Alaska State Troopers”, I sought out some fresh literary meat. Pretty much everyone and his/her dog is familiar with the Freshly Pressed feature of WordPress.  In … More Fresh (Word)pressing

Websites that rule – Part 7

Guess we’re due for another one of these… Site: Why the site rules:  This site may not be for everyone.  Indeed, it’s laced with profanity, sensitive topics, personal revelations, apathetic-yet-intense rants, political and religious opinions, insults, uncommon/fringe assertions, and the occasional traumatic childhood story. But far from being a sailor (mouth-wise) or a martyr, … More Websites that rule – Part 7

7 More defective habits of highly-annoying websites

The average website has improved since we wrote Part 1.  It’s bright, colorful, snappy, smooth, inviting, and intuitive.  We seemed to have lifted off, up, up, and away from 1997, which is unquestionably encouraging. However.  Old, archaic, obvious blunders have been traded in for, and replaced with, more subtle slips that are still annoying, although … More 7 More defective habits of highly-annoying websites