In defense of vague-posting (vagueblogging, subtweeting, etc)

Maybe you know the phenomenon of which I speak.  Maybe you’ve seen the posts on blogs or Facebook.  Maybe you’ve seen the tweets on Twitter.  The ones in which you know something’s definitely up, but you’re not sure what it is, because the poster/tweeter/blogger doesn’t give much–if anything–by way of specifics. An example might be: … More In defense of vague-posting (vagueblogging, subtweeting, etc)

Back to Square 1.5

Well, here we are, post allergy clinic assessment, which I had hoped would be the start to a major chunk of my road to regaining my health, because getting the histamine under control is indeed a prerequisite for so many other important, healthy steps, and I was really excited about getting that ball rolling.  Six … More Back to Square 1.5