There are several threats to the creation of this post.  😉 First and foremost, the Histamine Monster, swirling around from high above for several hours now, his finally made a dive-bombing move.  As in, tape a “kick me” sign to my nose. Second, I’ve now taken the antihistamine, but it hasn’t yet taken me.  It … More 11/5/2017

Back to Square 1.5

Well, here we are, post allergy clinic assessment, which I had hoped would be the start to a major chunk of my road to regaining my health, because getting the histamine under control is indeed a prerequisite for so many other important, healthy steps, and I was really excited about getting that ball rolling.  Six … More Back to Square 1.5

Miscellaneous sampler platter of inner thoughts ~ 08-24-2017

For obvious (and unfortunate) reasons, the office was quieter today, and I guess I’m feeling an introspective vibe coming on. Hell, it could also be my antihistamine (Benadryl) starting to nip around the periphery of my brain, kind of like the beginning of Monday’s solar eclipse. Either way, I think I’m about to get all … More Miscellaneous sampler platter of inner thoughts ~ 08-24-2017

Mystery SOLVED (?)

I don’t want to say it’s solved for sure, but I could very well have just found a nugget. Some of y’all are (well) aware that I live with an adult-onset histamine excess that causes me much grief, and has done so for more than 7 years. The interesting–and frustrating–part is, it doesn’t seem to … More Mystery SOLVED (?)