Miscellaneous thought soup ~ 8-11-2017

It’s a beautiful evening.  The sun has dipped down behind the trees, relieving our part of the earth’s surface (and its inhabitants) of its scorching rays, even if the temperature remains at an unnatural height.  I’m sitting on the deck overlooking the grassy wooded courtyard of our apartment complex, swatting away the incessant mosquitos, which … More Miscellaneous thought soup ~ 8-11-2017

Morgellons Disease ~ a real-life X-file

She walked into the clinic one day, with two folders tucked under her arm. She pulled one out.  “This is my official medical file.” Official…? It contained our standard New Patient intake questionnaires, filled out completely, although vague in some places, and some prior laboratory tests from a couple different doctors, both conventional and specialty. … More Morgellons Disease ~ a real-life X-file