What aspiring chiropractors need to know… Part 2

OK, that takes care of the materialistic opportunists looking to make a quick buck.  For the rest of you who are still with me, here’s the next thing you need to know: not all schools are created equal. In fact, while there are some common features set forth via accreditation board mandate, stark differences remain. … More What aspiring chiropractors need to know… Part 2

everybody’s *not* working for the weekend

Not that I’m one to keep the Sabbath holy or anything, but is there no family or personal time that is sacred anymore?  Have certain professions become akin to pizza delivery? The disturbing trend is that certain professionals whose status historically earned them the privilege of working regular human business hours are suddenly expected to … More everybody’s *not* working for the weekend

my world. delivered.

Okay, okay, I’ll fess up: I’m semi-addicted to Facebook. I hadn’t even heard of it until a few months ago when one of our professors included it in his list of rant objects that are sworn to bring down all of industrialized society as we know it. My partner joined a few days before I … More my world. delivered.

lazy kitty

My professors might beg–or even demand–me to reconsider, but I’m taking some much-needed time for myself today.  A little R & R, if you will.  Time to put the para back into parasympathetic. It might be easy for them to wag their fingers in disappointment, but then again, they didn’t have to sit through over … More lazy kitty