Who loves… …Kapha?

Everybody loves a good revelation.  Or, OK, at least a theory.  And we all know I can whip those out wholesale, so how’s about another one?  😉 So I may have figured out some of my shizz. Storytime! Years ago (about 13-15), I was deeply, intensely, special-interested in Hinduism.  I’m talking full-immersion here.  I had … More Who loves… …Kapha?

Whole-grain sidereal

I’ve been a busy little bee in a busy little hive.  Our kittens are 3 days shy of 5 months old, growing like weeds, but somehow they’ve preserved every ounce of cuteness they had as tiny kittens during this growth. I’m back in school for the summer, after being on a short break between terms … More Whole-grain sidereal

‘Who says we don’t have variety in the living room?’

There’s a bit of background to this.  In my truck, I never listen to the radio.  Instead, I got an old-school iPod Classic with 120 GB of storage capacity (they’d prefer we forget those good old days) and connected it to a multimedia-ready aftermarket stereo.  I learned that if you load up about 5200 songs … More ‘Who says we don’t have variety in the living room?’