Random-ass thoughts… ~ Mid-October 2020 Edition

Life after finishing a Master’s Degree… Oh what a feeling–when you’re dancing on the ceiling (!).  However, there’s an asterisk; they don’t tell you that you’ll be disoriented after you graduate, and that it takes time to put your brain and life back together.  School had been all-consuming in terms of time and my taxed-to-the-max … More Random-ass thoughts… ~ Mid-October 2020 Edition

‘The trick is to keep breathing’

These past several months have been…well, something, all right.  They’ve been bumpy and rough, much like Royal Lane in 2007 Dallas, which broke parts off my truck. I’ve been scratching my head, trying to pinpoint it.  Oh, it’s multifactorial, of course.  And those multifactors start swirling into a giant saucer-like cloud-system that starts to collide … More ‘The trick is to keep breathing’

Tragic…yet yummy

Yes, this is another Coronavirus post in your blogroll.  (Sorry about that…)  And I’m not trying to be insensitive, I’m just trying to keep it light.  Because even for hilariously staunch introverts like me, sometimes the cabin fever reaches delirium proportions.  And sometimes the choice between laughing and crying becomes a flip-a-coin scenario. I fully … More Tragic…yet yummy

Winning at losing

I reckon it’s high time I wrote one of those health status update thingies.  After all, Operation Queen Piss (i.e., the ongoing project of trying to take myself back–from whom or what I haven’t the slightest, but somewhere along the line I got hijacked.  When all else fails blame Neptune) is still going strong. (Hell, … More Winning at losing