6-Month Milemarker

Yep, 6 months–and 6 days, too, but meh.  I say “meh” a lot, I’ve noticed, which might be a positive sign?  A sign that I’ve stopped giving much more of a shit than I should?  Heh. So, here we are, at the 6-month mark on my road.  All roads to hell are paved with good … More 6-Month Milemarker

The *Epic Fail* of pharmaceutical advertising on TV

Over the years, I’ve noticed some fairly egregious logical fallacies, half-truths, outright borderline-deception, and other ridiculousness in the arena of pharmaceutical drugs advertised on TV (“Direct-to-Consumer” advertising, or “DTC”).  The slipperiness and spin are atrocious.  I thought I’d point out a few examples.  The rhetorical retorts that follow the bolded phrases are almost exclusively the … More The *Epic Fail* of pharmaceutical advertising on TV

A few blogs that rule

The internet is an enchanting place.  Double ditto for the Kingdom of Blogging.  I mean, there’s pixiedust in that shit.  I’ve been known to forget to go to work while entranced in my WordPress Reader thingy, which eerily resembles a Facebook newsfeed, but it’s forgivable because it aggregates the posts of every blog you follow … More A few blogs that rule

Playlist: My top picks from ‘Breaking Bad’

“Breaking Bad” was arguably one of the best shows to ever grace the TV cablewaves.  I can’t find a single fault with it, other than the fact that it came to an end.  Every detail was meticulously attended to.  Everyone involved took their jobs seriously and performed above and beyond.  School teachers would file this … More Playlist: My top picks from ‘Breaking Bad’

In defense of vague-posting (vagueblogging, subtweeting, etc)

Maybe you know the phenomenon of which I speak.  Maybe you’ve seen the posts on blogs or Facebook.  Maybe you’ve seen the tweets on Twitter.  The ones in which you know something’s definitely up, but you’re not sure what it is, because the poster/tweeter/blogger doesn’t give much–if anything–by way of specifics. An example might be: … More In defense of vague-posting (vagueblogging, subtweeting, etc)