San Antonio has drug cartel activity…but covers it up

We hadn’t been here long.  (Maybe a year?  A year and a half?  It was less than 2 years, because we were still in the old neighborhood–that much I know.) My partner went walking amongst the houses a few blocks from our “apartment row”.  While he was gone, I heard sirens.  Lots of them.  Waves … More San Antonio has drug cartel activity…but covers it up

Waking the ghost 

The San Antonio Mission Trail is one of those no-brainer must-dos on every Texan’s Bucket List.  The Alamo is just the head of an entire trail that includes 4 other Missions. I didn’t end up embarking on such a trail until I had long since reached adulthood.  We got our start a little too late … More Waking the ghost 


I went to sleep Friday night knowing that I had gotten bitten.  Itchy little bumps had formed on my legs, just below the kneecap.  I scratched, as usual, and said to myself, “aw, hell.” But I put it out of my mind and didn’t give it another thought. I woke up yesterday morning in physical … More Chiggers!

Don’t be that guy: Tourist season edition

Fiesta San Antonio, our annual 11-day arts-crafts-and-music-that’s-really-an-excuse-to-get-tanked hoedown begins this Friday, and by the time I’d been back here long enough to prepare to attend, I had also already learned enough about it to decide I didn’t want to. As it turns out, it’s relatively overrated anyway.  It’s one of the few times all year … More Don’t be that guy: Tourist season edition