Learning to count

Soooo… It’s been exactly a week since my due date for starting on my healing journey.  Where am I at so far? Well, up until today, I didn’t really know.  I’ll admit it–I hadn’t gotten very far, at least not yet. I’m a map person.  I rely on them a lot.  This includes road trips, … More Learning to count

Memories of clinging

During the years of 2010, 2011, and even 2012, I blogged a lot on here. I shared with you my favorite books, CDs, music genres, websites, my health issues, and how damn good it felt to leave Dallas for greener and hillier San Antonio pastures. I talked about how good it felt to have graduated … More Memories of clinging

Beating anxiety (How it feels to start a business)

I’m cold. I’m wrapped in a blanket, even though anyone else would say it’s plenty warm in the room.  I want nothing more than to disappear, to become one with the blankets I’m wrapped up in. I’m quiet. Incapable of saying much.  My brain is far too busy and conflicted for that.  I am petrified, … More Beating anxiety (How it feels to start a business)