An Apple(R) a day…

I kid you not, I’m sandwiched between: my partner giving some poor Apple employee a 20-Questions interrogation on the intricate features of iMac accessibility and the remote possibility that the screen and OS can accommodate his low-vision conundrum, and an earphone clad lad who seems to have a gamer’s version of Tourette’s And through the … More An Apple(R) a day…

Renegade, politically-incorrect thoughts on cancer

(Note: everything I’m about to say is the results of my observations and experience with cancer in adults.  None of this has anything whatsoever to do with cancer in children.  And of course, these are biased, imperfect generalizations based on my admittedly small circle and its periphery.  I recommend taking this with way more than … More Renegade, politically-incorrect thoughts on cancer

Diet riot

Dude.  Is eating.  Ever.  FUN. See, I started eating fat.  Oh sure, it’s combined with other foods like animal meat or vegetables – it’s not just fat.  But I’ve become downright insistent that I have at least a little extra fat in everything.  Nothing is sacred, not even the morning fruit-and-veggie smoothie. If I don’t … More Diet riot

Stupid things chiropractors do to mess up their lives

1.  Use terminology that has already been taken, and give it a new “chiropractic” meaning. For example, the word “subluxation” really means “partial dislocation”.  It does not mean “spinal bone pressing on spinal nerve that destroys your life”.  What a DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) really means when s/he mentions a “(vertebral) subluxation” or the VSC … More Stupid things chiropractors do to mess up their lives

A tale of 2 seminars

They say the best doctors keep learning, and hopefully that applies to me–even if not today, maybe someday soon.  The area of study upon which I have focused a fresh set of crosshairs involves a cross between two desires: to further my intellectual arsenal (translation: more knowledge = better patient care) and to protect my … More A tale of 2 seminars

Circle of life

December 5th has been an interesting day for a long time.  For my first 11 years, it was another day–nothing more, nothing less. Suddenly, it became an anniversary of up-shaking, unsettling, gut-wrenching tragedy as one of the most beloved people in my life thus far (my maternal grandfather) passed on without warning. And then it … More Circle of life