Facebook friends, I am probably going to piss you off ~ 2016 Edition


Things have changed since I wrote a similar post about 5 years ago.  Now instead of just trying to be “up-front”, I get to be “blunt”. 🙂

I’ve gotten both choosier and looser about who I connect with on Facebook.  I know–that makes little sense.  I’ll explain.

Choosier – I’ve gotten more discriminant about who from my profession I form a Facebook connection with.  In my specific field, a lot of people tend to be toddlers in adult bodies, cultivating mass gatherings of several thousand “friends” just to feel good about themselves…and maybe to send mass messages full of sales pitch later.  In those days, I was looking to connect with my fellow professional brothers and sisters, so if one sent me a friend request, I generally accepted it.

And then I got to thinking…what do they want to do with me?  My colleagues are generally not exactly the let’s-refer-to-each-other type; in fact, they tend to spend more time marketing themselves and their techniques and attic/basement inventions than they do actually seeing patients.  They know more about sales tactics than diagnosis and treatment.  And they want nothing to do with you until they think you can do something for them.

Well, those people do nothing for me, and I’d prefer to keep my Facebook Inbox spam-free.  So there ya have it.

Looser – I’ve joined several FB groups built around various subject matter.  Those people have nothing to do with my profession, and they’re not aiming to sell me anything.  They’re just general all-around good people.  So it becomes a case of “a friend of so-and-so’s is a friend of mine”, and if I receive such a friend request from these circles, I will generally accept those.

Just in case you’re wondering how I could possibly piss anyone off (lol), well, it’s possible.  Various facets and characteristics are uniquely blended in each of us, and mine seem to run pretty wide, too, putting me in contact with otherwise-diametrically opposing groups.  You’ll see what I mean…

Self-Treaters (the type trying to score free medical advice on the internet, whether from doctors or not) – no, I will not give any specific medical advice on the internet.  All of my recommendations are either very general and foundational/fundamental, or they’re spiced with phrases like “if you’re inclined”, or “if that’s the case for you”, or “depending on…”, or “everyone is different”, or some other disclaimer.

Even on my professional blog (yep, I have another one, and that one has my real name and practice on it), I may discuss various possible causes of something in order to provoke thought or motivate someone to seek out some professional guidance or ask about a particular lab test or something similar.  I may even list some possible intervention options.

But in the rare event that I actually list intervention options or possible therapies, they’re very general and vague, and there is always a disclaimer or some other qualifying phrase that makes it very clear that this is not meant to be a self-help resource.

I’m not even in favor of going it totally alone when it comes to healing.  Seek a pro.  Pick the right one, one that knows what they’re doing, one that fits you, one you can trust.  But pick one.  And be ready and willing to pay them.  You can’t cheap out on your health by trying to act like a doctor; there’s a reason there’s so much schooling–and a licensing board.

DARE Advocates that may disapprove of my pro-marijuana legalization/decriminalization posts – I get it.  Drugs are bad, mmmm’kay?  No, I don’t use them.  One might scroll down my Facebook page and wonder if I’m a wigged out hippie pothead.

The truth is, I don’t even use weed.  But that’s my decision.  I don’t think I get to make that decision for anyone else.  It’s a plant, people–a plant that grows in the dirt.  A plant that God(dess) made, built, created.  A plant that evolved over time with healing properties.  A plant that Nature created, and Nature does not make mistakes.  Everything on earth has a purpose, whether we’re astute enough to recognize it, or too dense to appreciate it.

I find it interesting that the same people who shun weed have no problem popping toxic man-made pills with page-long lists of horrible (and sometimes fatal) side effects.  The Mary Jane is not even a gateway drug.  Many people who try it do stop there, without proceeding to the “harder” drugs.  The people who do end up going down the Rabbit Hole are those who would have anyway; they like living on the edge.  It’s not the weed’s fault.  If weed didn’t exist, they’d skate that razor’s edge some other way.

Nope, I just look at the actual published research coming out about marijuana-related phytochemicals and how their therapeutic benefits are being demonstrated strongly in trial after trial for ailment after ailment.

I’m also all about freedom and personal choice.  With those individual rights come individual responsibilities, of course.  But we’re all adults, and I’m OK with treating you like one.  Make your own decision, and let’s not exert our opinions on others.

Libertarian friends – Yep, I’m a true-blue Libertarian.  Non-aggression principle, privatize a bunch of stuff, do away with lots of government agencies, repeal a lot of arbitrary bureaucratic laws, and all that.

But guess what – I do generally support our troops (as long as they aren’t batshit crazy jerks); even if I don’t agree with the “wars” they go off to engage in, I support them personally.  I appreciate their sacrifice.  I applaud their efforts, because in their mind, they’re doing the best they can; they’re giving up their lives to do what they think is right.  They believe they’re making the world a better place.

I think that some military action is necessary.  Obviously, genuine national defense, and defense of freedom, the Constitution, and our way of life.  And then there are grayer areas, like maintaining troop presence in distant faraway lands, long after wars are over, in order to maintain the peace there and prevent things from going south again.  I used to be against using the military in those “grayer areas”, but I’ve been convinced by people more familiar and experienced with the subject than I, and I will indeed change my mind when presented with new/updated and compelling/logical evidence.  That’s just the way I roll.

I also think that most cops are good at heart and well-intentioned.  Sure, some of them are power-hungry, who just wanted to be able to legally drive fast and handcuff people, or they go home and beat their spouses when no one’s looking.  I get that.

But I’ve known dozens of cops in multiple US states, and I can tell you that most of them are very good guys and ladies.  They’ve got common sense.  They distrust the government, especially the Feds.  They became cops to make the world safer, clean up the streets, make their neighborhood a better place.  They feel like they’ve accomplished something when they take a drug dealer or wife beater off the street, or if they get some distracted cell-phone-talking mommie cutting in and out of traffic in her big-ass SUV to maybe slow down and pay a little more attention, thus preventing her from killing someone.  I think most cops in most places (of the US–I can’t speak for other countries) are generally good…at least for now.

I’m also in staunch support of GMO (genetically-modified) food labeling, if not an outright ban.  The so-called benefits of GMO foods have been made up, overstated, and spun by the industry that stands to gain financially from the acceptance, sale, use, and consumption of GMO foods.  Newer, more honest science has begun to unravel the threads clung to so vehemently by the GMO industry and raise serious and logical questions that cannot be ignored for much longer.

And I don’t think the public, the unwitting and non-consenting participants in one of the biggest human experiments in world history for the past 20-25 years, is going to like the answers.  In fact, I think that as the scientific tidbits break free and drip out, the public is going to freak out.

Statist friends – you probably don’t know the word “statist”, because nobody says it to your face.  “Statists” are those who accept either the Right/Conservative or the Left/Neo-Liberal, according to the party line, without question, and without pondering each camp’s stance on each issue.  They vote for the same old, tired party lines time and again, because they’re too weak and fear-based to do anything but pick the “lesser” of two evils.

In the end, they accept shackles and enslavement, and they do nothing to actually try to solve the problem, because generally they’re too wussy to do so.  The government and its cronies are not your friend and there’s a lot of shit that goes on behind the scenes (before you call me a conspiracy theorist, just look up the word “classified”–why does it even exist in the so-called “Land of the Free”?)

And yes, not all of the classified stuff is bad and some of it is even necessary, but a lot of this behind-the-scenes crap works against all of us, and yes, that includes You.  Support who you want–I’m not here to tell you otherwise–but please, for the love of God(dess), think critically first.

Oh, and research your candidate.  Oh and yes, do pick a candidate and then get off your ass and vote for them.  If you don’t vote, you’re letting someone else do all the talking for you and I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust anyone else to speak for me.  Do something, so that you can at least say you did what you could and you don’t look like a lazy-ass.

Apolitical friends – that’s right; show me another picture of your ready-to-eat dinner.  And then hide me for being “too political”.  Look, I post a variety of things, and if you’d actually visit my profile once in a while (like I do with most of you, especially if I hadn’t recently), then you’d find a li’l something for everyone posted there.

I understand that Facebook doesn’t show you everything, and that’s a whole different diatribe entirely.  But seriously, I post the stuff I do because I’m trying to provoke thought, spread uncommon messages, share information, let people know that they have options and need not be stuck with the same ol’, same ol’.

I’m trying to do my (admittedly tiny) part in helping support initiatives for freedom preservation and expansion so that you retain the right to share that stupid picture of your food in the future.  And in order to do that, there are things you need to know.  And many of them are conveniently Readers-Digested right there on my wall.

TORs – I’m a “maverick” doctor who values science and is not afraid to point out the fallacies stubbornly clung to by some of my “colleagues” and their wild claims.  Disagree all you want with me–but then back it up.  If I’m advocating for a change, growth, or expansion that you’d rather not participate in, then don’t.  But don’t stop me or the rest of my doctor brothers and sisters from doing so.  We’re trying to move forward.  You can “wither on the vine” if you want to with the single-minded therapies, but don’t tell me that the rest of us can’t do something because it’s not within the narrow pipe dream you’d love for all of us to be stuck under.

Evidence-based doctors – Yep, I like science as much as any good doctor.  That being said, you’ve got to admit that science is changing–daily.  Centuries ago, we swore the earth was flat and the sun revolved around us, because that’s what we could see, and, well, if that’s what we see, then that must be reality.  And that was our reality for centuries, and you were burned at the stake or hanged if you dared question it.

We now know differently.  Much more recently (in the grand scheme of things), we didn’t think the human being would ever fly.  The Wright brothers were laughed at, ridiculed, and scorned.  They had the last laugh, though – we’re flying all over the place.  In big multi-ton metal tubes, too.  Go figure.

These days, it’s smart to keep an open mind about that which science cannot (yet) prove.  You can laugh at Qi and energy medicine, and write them off as New Age hogwash all you want…until you get a look at some of the research that has been done, with more being currently undertaken and yet more being planned for the future.

Now, nobody’s laughing at the Wright brothers.   Nobody’s laughing at the heliocentric scientists.  Everybody does, however, scoff at the outdated church elders who refuse to let go of the notion that the earth is only 6,000 years old.

What was previously accepted as “proven fact” has been turned on its head; this has happened throughout history and it will happen again…and again.  As our technology, awareness, and our understanding of the world around us elevates and accumulates, our working “knowledge” will have to adapt and evolve, too.

Keep your mind at least semi-open so that in the future, when you’re proven wrong and the existence of chakras can be documented and measured after all, nobody’s laughing at you.

(Was that blunt enough?) 🙂

With any luck, I didn’t piss you off.  If your opinions differ from mine and you’re not personally annoyed or irritated at me, great!  Congratulations, you’re a mature adult, and we can be friends.

If anyone got butt-hurt over this post, they should probably check their own internal issues.  I’m comfortable with mine (obviously Lol).


4 thoughts on “Facebook friends, I am probably going to piss you off ~ 2016 Edition

  1. Really enjoyed this post! Chimes with my instinct of using blogging as a way exploring and interrogating what I do/don’t can/can’t say in relation to things that affect me, and to my personal and professional identity. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for your comment! 🙂

      (I’m sorry it’s taken me 2 months to respond lol – The Silent Wave Blog site has been keeping me on my toes (lol), so I hadn’t checked this one in a while. I promise to be more watchful.) ❤

      I just did a major site appearance-update, kind of trying it out, so it may undergo some more revisions. I do plan to give this blog a little more love than I have been. 🙂

  2. We left facebook ages ago & never looked back. It is the most toxic, unhealthy destination
    on the internet, & far too many people have been living the Jonestown Kool-aid lifestyle.

    We found WordPress in 2009 & have been here ever since. It is one of the few Safe Spaces
    left online, every day we are learning for amazing minds from numerous fields & interests
    without a shred of ego, narcissism, one-upsmanship, or facades. Long Live WORDPRESS.

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