(Belated) reflections on the year 2015: last year in review

Since Mercury is retrograde and all that, I’m playing catch-up, and I’m painfully aware that is there a lot of catch-up to play. This post is fashionably embarrassingly late, but hey–better late than never, and stuff. Last year was kind of a continuation of 2014, in some ways.  And in other ways, it wasn’t. I … More (Belated) reflections on the year 2015: last year in review

Imitation of Life: a day in the life on the spectrum

I’m increasingly encountering the phrase, “if you’ve met one Aspie…you’ve met one Aspie.”  This means that there’s just as much variation among individuals on the spectrum (even within the same level) as there is among allistics (those not on the spectrum). This also means that I can only speak for myself. That being said, I’ve … More Imitation of Life: a day in the life on the spectrum

No one knew me

The title of this post comes from a phrase buried deep in the lyrics of “Mad World” as covered by Gary Jules, which perfectly illustrate that isolated, alien feeling I have known for most of my life. I’m embarrassed to say that I actually had an idea for a blog post that would have been … More No one knew me

These days were brought to you by the letters P, T, S, and D

I meant to write about this before, but, well, there have been limitations keeping me from blogging lately.  One is Pubmed and its treasure trove of fascinations.  The other is the fact that although I can get to the New Post screen from my outdated-and-stubbornly-update-refused Safari browser, I can’t actually type in the text box … More These days were brought to you by the letters P, T, S, and D

The Bucket List

When making New Year’s resolutions, especially as a Texan, it’s easy to Think Big and potentially bite off more than you can chew in one year.  It’s also easy to forget just how quickly a single year can pass; poof!–it’s gone before you know it.  But making those resolutions really gets one thinking…about life in … More The Bucket List

Being still…

After reading this well-written and eye-opening post about social media addiction and why the constant feeding of our personalities and lives into a 2-dimensional, 140-character-limited soundbitten meme may not be the best thing for our mind-body, our authentic inter-connectivity with the real live people in our lives, or indeed our very lives themselves, it got … More Being still…

Culture of disability

My partner and I both have disabilities, officially certified by the State of Texas.  I’m partially deaf and my partner is legally blind. Other than that, we’re “normal” people, who lead “normal” lives.  We are gainfully self-employed, we hold state healthcare licenses, and we get ourselves to work and back each day.  We keep a … More Culture of disability

my world. delivered.

Okay, okay, I’ll fess up: I’m semi-addicted to Facebook. I hadn’t even heard of it until a few months ago when one of our professors included it in his list of rant objects that are sworn to bring down all of industrialized society as we know it. My partner joined a few days before I … More my world. delivered.