A few blogs that rule

The internet is an enchanting place.  Double ditto for the Kingdom of Blogging.  I mean, there’s pixiedust in that shit.  I’ve been known to forget to go to work while entranced in my WordPress Reader thingy, which eerily resembles a Facebook newsfeed, but it’s forgivable because it aggregates the posts of every blog you follow … More A few blogs that rule

Sharing: Sabotage, A Beastie Boys And Sesame Street Mashup [Reblog]

Originally posted on AN SIONNACH FIONN:
Big Bird meets the Beastie Boys in a mashup of the 1985 Sesame Street movie Follow That Bird and Spike Jonze’s legendary 1994 music video, Sabotage. All credit to the creator, Mylo the Cat (aka. Adam Schleichkorn), whose previous releases have included the Muppets rapping out to hip-hop classic, So What’Cha Want.

Favorite quotes :)

Well hell, I never believed in making lists in any particular order as a general rule (with a few exceptions), so why start now? 😉 “Joke ’em if they can’t take a f**k.” ~unknown (first heard from my partner) “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” … More Favorite quotes 🙂

Farts are funny

I apologize that this is another very-junior-high (or, in today’s vernacular, middle school) post.  I inherited the Bathroom Humor Gene, which has always given me a penchant for a good fart joke. I’d like to begin by apologizing to the, First Class cabin of American flight 6035. I might as well have been a human … More Farts are funny

Brains are overrated 

Well, it’s true, or at least it seems to be.  😉 Hell, I got through the majority of this week without mine. Yeah, that was one little spike-strip (the thingies cops use to disable the speeding cars of thugs during car chases/pursuits) snags that hit me out of the blue, completely unexpected, lawyer-fine-print-style.  “By the … More Brains are overrated 

You know you’re med-school fried when…

You automatically see pathological radiographic (x-ray) findings in unrelated things like cloud formations and dryer lint trap distribution. You automatically add your student intern number to the end of your signature on a credit card slip at the grocery store. You answer your home phone saying “[staff doc name]ʼs desk”. You donʼt own any blue ballpoint pens, … More You know you’re med-school fried when…

The belch list ;)

Speaking of the fascinating functions of the human body… This is a completely, utterly juvenile post. 🙂  If you currently hold an angelic, dignified impression of me, and you would like to maintain that idealistic vision, then you’ll probably want to hit your browser’s “back” button, right about…now. I have a probably-genetic streak of attraction … More The belch list 😉