Miscellaneous sampler platter of inner thoughts ~ 08-24-2017

For obvious (and unfortunate) reasons, the office was quieter today, and I guess I’m feeling an introspective vibe coming on. Hell, it could also be my antihistamine (Benadryl) starting to nip around the periphery of my brain, kind of like the beginning of Monday’s solar eclipse. Either way, I think I’m about to get all … More Miscellaneous sampler platter of inner thoughts ~ 08-24-2017

Layers of What Is 

What Is, is all around us.  Look at What Is, with eyes open.  If you think about it, you might see it in layers.  As usual, I’ll explain. The first layer is obvious.  On this level, everyone (with default vision) will see the same thing.  You’ll see the sky, the trees/grass/shrubbery, etc.  What Is, on … More Layers of What Is 

Winds of change

T’is the season!  The wicked witch of South Texas finally broke her summer fever (the oppressive stage of which really only lasts the month of August).  Now, we can give the A/C a break and open the windows, at least until the groundskeeper with the incessant, annoying leafblower comes through. I didn’t always like fall.  … More Winds of change