Sharing: We need EVERY American voice to save Net Neutrality

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We have until December 14th to save net neutrality Unless, of course, you LIKE paywalls, fast and slow lanes, cable monopolies and potential for censorship, and increased internet fees © Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC from the What Kind of World do YOU Want? Series You have a…

Patriot (head)games

Hi and welcome to the 2017 edition of the United States’ Independence Day! First, I must congratulate all of the awesome fellow bloggers who are using the correct term in their Independence Day-themed posts!  Independence Day in the US is not “the 4th of July” any more than Christmas Day is “the 25th of December” … More Patriot (head)games

No one knew me

The title of this post comes from a phrase buried deep in the lyrics of “Mad World” as covered by Gary Jules, which perfectly illustrate that isolated, alien feeling I have known for most of my life. I’m embarrassed to say that I actually had an idea for a blog post that would have been … More No one knew me

Live through this

I can’t say much right now, but if your Survivalist instincts are starting to tingle in response to a combination of general unrest, the erosion of our American freedoms and rights, the dwindling of our resources (water, oil, land, etc), the weakening of the dollar, and the sorry state of the economy, well, you better … More Live through this

File under: “I’m married to my illness and refuse to get better”

Rated R for language.  And it’s long, so grab some tea or something.  You’ve been warned. After days like today, it’s easy to surmise that all patients are psychotic.  After all, we’ve already established that all massage therapy clients are, so why not patients as well?  And although the simple majority of patients are nice, … More File under: “I’m married to my illness and refuse to get better”

21 Reasons I’m happy to be child-free

I don’t hate kids.  In fact, I like other peoples’ (well-kept, well-behaved) kids.  We just don’t want any of our own.  Unlike other couples who choose to remain child-free, we haven’t (yet) encountered any nosy, borderline-judgmental questions or attempts to convert us to the World of Parenting.  I figure as an extra preventive measure, I’ll … More 21 Reasons I’m happy to be child-free

Why the 4th of July term is Orwellian and I’m boycotting it

No, I’m not anti-American, nor am I anti-barbecue or anti-fireworks (although the county-wide burn ban makes things a little trickier and somewhat less festive this year). I’m not boycotting the actual holiday or what it stands for.  Just the opposite, actually. What I am boycotting is the generic, stale, bleak, meaningless term “4th of July”.  … More Why the 4th of July term is Orwellian and I’m boycotting it