Whole-grain sidereal

I’ve been a busy little bee in a busy little hive.¬† Our kittens are 3 days shy of 5 months old, growing like weeds, but somehow they’ve preserved every ounce of cuteness they had as tiny kittens during this growth. I’m back in school for the summer, after being on a short break between terms … More Whole-grain sidereal

How to survive a Saturn Return relatively unscathed 

Astrology has been one of my deepest interests ever since I can remember. ¬†This means little in the grand scheme of things, other than that I’ll write about it every so often. ¬†The world will live. ūüėČ I’m coming down the back stretch of my 30s, about to hit the Big 4-0. ¬†This means that … More How to survive a Saturn Return relatively unscathed¬†

Mercury retrograde 

From the earth, it looks like Mercury is traveling backwards. ¬†Back in the day, when the earth was thought to be the center of the universe, that’s what they thought it was doing. Today, we all know that Mercury doesn’t travel backwards. ¬†However, it still withdraws its normally-outward energies inward, inverting them, and some would … More Mercury retrograde¬†

Everything(one) I touch … turns to stone

I’m getting the nagging feeling that I’m jinxed.¬† The Universe is sending some pretty strong hints in that direction, anyway.¬† I feel like I’m in the eye of the hurricane, myself relatively unaffected, watching the chaos and tragedy swirl around me with dizzying force. Thinking back, I reckon that it actually started with my “cool … More Everything(one) I touch … turns to stone