6-Month Milemarker

Yep, 6 months–and 6 days, too, but meh.  I say “meh” a lot, I’ve noticed, which might be a positive sign?  A sign that I’ve stopped giving much more of a shit than I should?  Heh. So, here we are, at the 6-month mark on my road.  All roads to hell are paved with good … More 6-Month Milemarker

Back to Square 1.5

Well, here we are, post allergy clinic assessment, which I had hoped would be the start to a major chunk of my road to regaining my health, because getting the histamine under control is indeed a prerequisite for so many other important, healthy steps, and I was really excited about getting that ball rolling.  Six … More Back to Square 1.5

Journeying in

A friend remarked on Facebook that I’m “a walking medical experiment”. He’s not wrong.  Lol. I’ve come to regard my body and brain as an X-file.  There’s definitely something going on, and it’s definitely not in my head.  I always seem to fit some kind of pattern, but then when one attempts to apply the … More Journeying in

My go-to ‘survival kit’ of herbal remedies ~ Part 1 of 2 :)

It’s been a while since I’ve actually done a “helpful, educational” post, so I figure hey–it’s time. 😉 Before I get started, I have to issue my usual disclaimers.  Things like “even though I’m a doctor, I’m unfortunately not yours, so this isn’t intended to be medical advice” and “this is for ‘entertainment/FYI purposes’ only” … More My go-to ‘survival kit’ of herbal remedies ~ Part 1 of 2 🙂