Zen moment

Did I catch a taste-test of nirvana?  You be the judge. As you’re probably aware, I’ve started shedding unnecessary parts of my life, starting with aspects of my Facebook account.  Obsolete political page after useless page and Mafia Wars-only “friend” after chiro-evangelistic marketing “friend”, the stats are piling and the sellable content is dwindling. As … More Zen moment

Cleansweep Stage 2: Now with disinformation

OK, so I’ve been busy.  I’ve de-tagged myself from dozens of photos (only 3 are left), obsessively locked my privacy settings down so tight Houdini would’ve been proud, removed my contact info (address and cell number), and deleted all my game apps (only 3 total, all gone now). It must be the decreasing moon, which … More Cleansweep Stage 2: Now with disinformation

Insomniac Theater

I wonder what the world would be like without those “as seen on TV” TV commercials.  Somehow I’m not sure it’d be the same.  But then I have to wonder if I’d miss them.  Bogus commercials promising to clean out your computer viruses, decimate your love handles, furnish free credit scores, or land you some … More Insomniac Theater

Operation cleansweep

I was net-surfing, and I came across a neat little blog-style website that blows the lid wide open on Facebook-related crap, whether the crap comes from Facebook itself (think repeated breaches of privacy) or from third-party sources like rogue app developers that trick you into allowing them to mine all of your data. One of … More Operation cleansweep

No rest for the Wiccan

As Beavis would say, “this sucks”.  I can’t sleep (what else is new), I’m semi-congested, and all that’s on at 3.20 a.m. on a Sunday night/Monday morning is a dork-ass animated show on Adult Swim that makes zero sense.  Some cross between Oscar the grouch and a terrestrial starfish that wears a baseball cap with … More No rest for the Wiccan

O’Bummer, Jobs, Healthcare, and You

It’s official: the US Chamber of Commerce issued a warning that small businesses are capping (stopping) their hiring before they get to 50 employees. Why, you ask? Because if their payroll reaches 50 employees, the company suddenly faces a $3,000 penalty per year, per employee if they don’t provide insurance coverage (the cost of which, … More O’Bummer, Jobs, Healthcare, and You