*I* love kitty

I can see it now: I’ll be one of those old crazy cat ladies with the long snarly gray hair, surrounded 24/7 by 68 cats.  I was raised with in a standard two-parent, two-kid, two-cat household, so that’s the pattern I followed this time.  If I had it to do over again, I would’ve adopted … More *I* love kitty

Chiropractic Myths

You may have heard horror stories.  You may have heard another healthcare professional tell you not to come to us.  (This is not only unethical, but it is straight-up illegal.)  You may know someone who claims they were hurt or injured at a chiropractor’s office. These stories conjure up so much negative imagery that it … More Chiropractic Myths

the winter of my discontent

I’ve been a little cranky lately.  Not I’m-going-to-turn-my-home-office-upside-down mad, but the mixmaster of life events is sort of trying what’s left of my patience. I think I’m handling it rather well.  After all, I sat mildly at the computer and goofed off with my latest winter crush Pandora (a music genome project), alternating my seven-times-fire-ant-bitten … More the winter of my discontent

Remember me?

I know, I know, I’ve been electronically scarce.  Sorry about that. I have plenty of excuses, though!  Wanna hear ’em? I’ve learned a whole lot over the past couple of weeks.  Like you know how well-meaning people parrot “the grass is always greener on the other side” when trying to make you feel better about … More Remember me?

clean & sober

For those of you looking for cheap therapy in what the media claim is a downtrodden economy, I have the perfect solution: clean.  Over the past week, we’ve ventured where no man has gone for at least the last 7 years, every nook and cranny, and unearthed many a shirt from high school or a … More clean & sober