Catty New Year

Traditionally, we have always celebrated holidays on the evening before. Tonight is no different.  I’m a-ringing in the New Year with lit candles and Christmas/Yule lights, incense, acoustic guitars playing on the satellite music channel, and a freshly semi-clean house. 2008 has been a hell of a year, both fun and challenging.  It has been … More Catty New Year

problem child

The word for the day is “inspired“.  It’s time for me to come out about something. Today I had a revelation. It’s been a long time coming, really; a long-forgotten emotion that I thought I had stubbornly buried alive with the end of my nude-modeling-for-an-artist career. The revelation is, I’ve been a frog in a … More problem child

Sweet(er) Ride

I loathe driving.  So much so, that I used to race around as fast as I could, so that I could arrive at my destination and be done driving ASAP.  I thought I was saving precious time. The reality?  I wasn’t.  It took me 22 minutes to get from my driveway to the Royal Lane … More Sweet(er) Ride

Flu Shot, Schmoo Shot

Every year like clockwork, the mainstream media suddenly start harping on the flu shot, headline-style.  Out of nowhere, it seems to leapfrog directly to the head of the class, and have you noticed that it usually does so at the beginning of the month?  Kind of like it was…dare I say it…planned?  Orchestrated?  Engineered?   … More Flu Shot, Schmoo Shot