Layers of What Is 

What Is, is all around us.  Look at What Is, with eyes open.  If you think about it, you might see it in layers.  As usual, I’ll explain. The first layer is obvious.  On this level, everyone (with default vision) will see the same thing.  You’ll see the sky, the trees/grass/shrubbery, etc.  What Is, on … More Layers of What Is 

Brains are overrated 

Well, it’s true, or at least it seems to be.  😉 Hell, I got through the majority of this week without mine. Yeah, that was one little spike-strip (the thingies cops use to disable the speeding cars of thugs during car chases/pursuits) snags that hit me out of the blue, completely unexpected, lawyer-fine-print-style.  “By the … More Brains are overrated 

What your restaurant / bar server wants you to know

As some of you know, I’ve been a waitress/server before.  Yes, my pretties, like many other people out there, I spent six (too-)long years on my feet, Suggestively Selling deserts and exotic house-recipe lemonades according to corporate-chain-mandated scripts in restaurants, or convincing tables of drunkards that they needed one more pitcher of beer on Dart League … More What your restaurant / bar server wants you to know