Badvertising Part II

In this blog’s (much) younger days (as in, 7 years ago), I wrote about ridiculous advertising practices.  In that post, I mused about how ironic it was that I was writing a post slamming various advertising tactics when we had just gotten finished approving the final draft of our own very first advertising campaign. And … More Badvertising Part II

Comfortably numb [this is my child-free brain on Benadryl; any questions?]

I wrote this on my cell phone (in the iPhone’s Notes app) while dozing off on the plane ride home on Saturday night.  I thought it was kinda funny and maybe even a little interesting, so I’ll share it with y’all… 😉 So I’m buzzed on Benadryl on a plane.   It’s an awesome way … More Comfortably numb [this is my child-free brain on Benadryl; any questions?]

Don’t be That Guy: Airplane Travel Edition

For most of the people who fly relatively often (at least a few times per year), there’s a certain etiquette that one makes every attempt to abide by in such close, cramped, and tightly-federally-regulated quarters.  There is also a corresponding set of Dreaded Behaviors in these same close, cramped quarters (such as the 5-year-old sitting … More Don’t be That Guy: Airplane Travel Edition

File under: Controversial

Today, I feel ambitious enough to tackle a heavy-hitting subject.  Normally I don’t write about the stereotypical hot-button issues because not because they’re polarizing (I’ve never been afraid of a scholarly debate) but because they’ve become cliché issues.  But hey…it’s Sunday, my partner and cats are sleeping and my “tia loca” is watching cute Facebook-embedded … More File under: Controversial

Angels and Democrats

Elections might be a symbol of freedom and all (and arguably our last real leftover patriotic custom), but they sure do bring out the worst in people.  They pit friend against friend and sister against sister (except in my case, where my sister and I tend to agree on almost everything in this realm, much … More Angels and Democrats

All in all it’s just another post on my wall

Facebook is one of those things (sorry Prof Howard) that I love to hate.  I pick it apart and douse it with flames, but at the same time, I can’t pry myself from it.  It’s not a compulsive addiction, nor is it a morbid curiosity like a bad traffic accident.  It’s a combination of longing, semi-stalking … More All in all it’s just another post on my wall