Fast lane

Somehow, somewhere along the line, time moved into the fast lane.  It sped up.  I dropped unwittingly into a time warp.  In fact, anyone who spends a lot of time in my physical presence noticed it, too.  That’s how I know I’m not just being a metaphysical hypochondriac. ūüėČ Maybe time didn’t think I would … More Fast lane

Layers of What Is 

What Is, is all around us. ¬†Look at What Is, with eyes open. ¬†If you think about it, you might see it in layers. ¬†As usual, I’ll explain. The first layer is obvious. ¬†On this level, everyone (with default vision) will see the same thing. ¬†You’ll see the sky, the trees/grass/shrubbery, etc. ¬†What Is, on … More Layers of What Is¬†

Dichotomy: Balance vs. gradients 

One day in the not-too-distant past, I was having lunch with my partner. ¬†We were having one of our typical conversations–about human physiology, our practice, life, the universe, and everything. ¬†You know, the usual. We’re learning to speak each other’s special interest languages. For him, that means he’s learning to speak Functional Medicine; for me, … More Dichotomy: Balance vs. gradients¬†