Tales from the (brain) crypt ~ shadows and apparitions

By “brain crypt”, I’m not implying that I’m brain dead, although maybe after the antihistamine kicks in, I might have to revise that statement.  ūüėČ Kidding. Rather, I’m co-opting the anatomical definition of the word “crypt” for my own use… “a small tubular gland, pit, or recess” Thank you, Google.  You may not have a … More Tales from the (brain) crypt ~ shadows and apparitions

Journeying in

A friend remarked on Facebook that I’m “a walking medical experiment”. He’s not wrong. ¬†Lol. I’ve come to regard my body and brain as an X-file. ¬†There’s definitely something going on, and it’s definitely not in my head. ¬†I always seem to fit some kind of pattern, but then when one attempts to apply the … More Journeying in

Cats see ghosts

I don’t know why, but I feel like writing about ghosts again today. ¬†(This will probably be the last post along these lines for a while!) ¬†ūüėČ This one is far more benevolent than the last one. ¬†ūüôā — I had met my partner’s grandfather, “Granddad”, in 2001, along the escape route from my northern … More Cats see ghosts

Escaping the ghosts

My last post was about my own ghost. ¬†That ghost is benevolent. ¬†Not all are. ¬†Some are vampiric. This post is about them. (Before I go much further, I should issue a Content Advisory, as there are brief mentions of home invasion and sexual assault.) I was a bright, vibrant, successfully-masking high school graduate, leaving … More Escaping the ghosts

Fast lane

Somehow, somewhere along the line, time moved into the fast lane. ¬†It sped up. ¬†I dropped unwittingly into a time warp. ¬†In fact, anyone who spends a lot of time in my physical presence noticed it, too. ¬†That’s how I know I’m not just being a metaphysical hypochondriac. ūüėČ Maybe time didn’t think I would … More Fast lane

Layers of What Is 

What Is, is all around us. ¬†Look at What Is, with eyes open. ¬†If you think about it, you might see it in layers. ¬†As usual, I’ll explain. The first layer is obvious. ¬†On this level, everyone (with default vision) will see the same thing. ¬†You’ll see the sky, the trees/grass/shrubbery, etc. ¬†What Is, on … More Layers of What Is¬†