There are several threats to the creation of this post.  ūüėČ First and foremost, the Histamine Monster, swirling around from high above for several hours now, his finally made a dive-bombing move.  As in, tape a “kick me” sign to my nose. Second, I’ve now taken the antihistamine, but it hasn’t yet taken me.  It … More 11/5/2017

Health journey progress update ~ End-of-September 2017

Welp, here we are, at the end of September already!  I mean, I know it’s clich√© to talk about how fast the time flies and stuff, but damn. And I’ve been starting to fly, too!  Well, maybe not very high.  Hell, I might not even have lift-off yet, but I’m finding my wings!  At least … More Health journey progress update ~ End-of-September 2017

Reflections on my 30s: my decade in review

I rang in my 30s–or should I say I sang in my 30s–at a north Dallas-area mall in an “up and coming” suburb, by belting out contemporary Disney tunes–specifically “Arabian Nights”, high on a dark chocolate shake and full of good mood food from The Cheesecake Factory, after which I loudly proclaimed that my 30s … More Reflections on my 30s: my decade in review

‘You are here’ ~ My end-of-August report card¬†

Because Accountability. And motivation and stuff. ¬†(Don’t forget the “stuff”.) ūüėČ Writing these has actually become sort of a lifeline; I’ve been so lacking in motivation lately that it’s mind-boggling. ¬†I find myself sitting and staring, with a growing to-do list, but still at a loss for what to do. I’ve been spending a lot … More ‘You are here’ ~ My end-of-August report card¬†

Miscellaneous thought soup ~ 8-11-2017

It’s a beautiful evening.  The sun has dipped down behind the trees, relieving our part of the earth’s surface (and its inhabitants) of its scorching rays, even if the temperature remains at an unnatural height.  I’m sitting on the deck overlooking the grassy wooded courtyard of our apartment complex, swatting away the incessant mosquitos, which … More Miscellaneous thought soup ~ 8-11-2017

Learning to count

Soooo… It’s been exactly a week since my due date for starting on my healing journey. ¬†Where am I at so far? Well, up until today, I didn’t really know. ¬†I’ll admit it–I hadn’t gotten very far, at least not yet. I’m a map person. ¬†I rely on them a lot. ¬†This includes road trips, … More Learning to count