Sharing: Sabotage, A Beastie Boys And Sesame Street Mashup [Reblog]

Originally posted on AN SIONNACH FIONN:
Big Bird meets the Beastie Boys in a mashup of the 1985 Sesame Street movie Follow That Bird and Spike Jonze’s legendary 1994 music video, Sabotage. All credit to the creator, Mylo the Cat (aka. Adam Schleichkorn), whose previous releases have included the Muppets rapping out to hip-hop classic, So What’Cha Want.

Maybe the 21st century *doesn’t* suck…

I’m one of those hopeless nostalgics, the ones who lament about the fading away of the “good old days” and desperately, futilely tried to bring them back or recreate them somehow. Bah!  Humbug. 😉 I think I’m finally beginning to embrace the newest Turn of the Century.  In fact, I’m almost beginning to feel comfortable … More Maybe the 21st century *doesn’t* suck…

Callin’ Baton Rouge

I’m Cajun.  Well, a quarter Cajun, though I’d like to think it’s a dominant gene. However, I did not grow up in Cajun Country and in fact, it’s been a remarkably long time since I’ve been there.  My mother’s side of the family is all still there (the elder ones, anyway; like anywhere else, the … More Callin’ Baton Rouge

Step right up

I meant to write about this last month, but life took over and since I’m the proud owner of a forced vacay, I thought I’d catch up on some much-needed blogging. Last month, we visited the lush, Great Green North that is southwestern Alberta, Canada.  The trip’s purpose was sort of an all-in-one kill-a-flock-with-one-stone.  Not … More Step right up