Have you heard? the (blue) bird is the word

Yep, it’s official.  After almost 8 months, I am back on the world’s favorite P2P file-sharing program that every broadband ISP loves to hate (too cool for legit channels and too lazy to master BitTorrent). I’ve been back for roughly 48 hours and already, I’ve downloaded over 8 gigabytes.  Well over 8 gigabytes.  And the … More Have you heard? the (blue) bird is the word

Warpath Wednesday

  Yep, I know I ranted a couple months back.  It was that whole PMS thing.  Well, I need to do it again, and this time, I don’t even have PMS.  This time, though, I’ll try to come up with accompanying solutions.  At least, where possible. Gripe: Microsoft PCs I despise them.  And the more … More Warpath Wednesday